Terms of Service

Provided for you is a handy calculator which will show in advance the cost of using my quilting services. Just enter your quilt measurements and click on the Calculate button.


There are several quilting styles to choose from. An inexpensive choice is the "Lightly Quilted" Special. This quilting will consist of a loosely spaced overall meandering from edge to edge. There is a choice of meandering styles: traditional stippling, loops or a wave pattern. These choices will vary from time to time so be sure to ask what's new in this category. Use of one solid thread colour only is included in this cost of .021 cents per square inch.

For slightly more cost you can choose from pantograph designs (continuous edge to edge quilting) in three categories: Category A (large overall design) Category B (medium overall design) and Category C (dense overall design). Use of one solid thread colour only is included in this cost which ranges from .023 cents to .030 cents per square inch.

If you would like your borders quilted separately from the quilt top center, you can choose a Category A pantograph with one border, Category B pantograph with one border or Category C pantograph with one border. Pricing reflects the time needed to reload the quilt once to complete the border quilting. Use of one solid thread colour only is included in this cost which ranges from .025 cents to .033 cents per square inch.

Custom quilting includes any quilting not covered in the categories listed above. "Light" custom quilting is light to medium freehand design and minimal stitching in the ditch and cost begins at .04 cents per square inch (may be higher). "Full" custom quilting is medium to dense freehand design and extensive stitching in the ditch and starts at .05 cents per square inch (price may be higher depending on extent of quilting).


Binding services offered include machine sewing customer prepared folded 2 1/2 inch bias or straight binding to the quilt front for 10 cents an inch;  machine stitching the folded edge to the quilt back for 15 cents an inch or handsewn to the quilt back for 20 cents an inch. The choice is yours. For an additional fee I can prepare the binding as well.

Extra Fees

All work that I do will be billed at $25 per hour. This includes trimming of excess threads, quilt back preparation, squaring or laundering and any ironing of quilt top/back. To save money you can have the quilt back/top 'ready to quilt' meaning it is well pressed and square since the quality of the finished quilting depends on these factors.

There will be an extra thread charge if you request the use of specialty threads which include variegated coloured thread, monofilament or metallic.

There will be a minimum charge of $50 on all orders. Rush orders will be charged an additional $45. All fees are subject to change without notice. 

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